Business VoIP

Changes in technology have allowed for greater flexibility with phone services. Voice Over IP (VoIP) service, which routes telephone calls over the Internet, offers several advantages to businesses:

  • Savings. Our clients report a significant reduction in costs after replacing traditional landline services with VoIP.
  • Ease of Implementation. Most modern phone systems support VoIP without requiring the installation of new hardware. If necessary, older systems can be converted for VoIP compatibility.
  • Reliability. In the event of an Internet service outage, VoIP traffic can be routed over a secondary connection.

We also offer complete IP Phone systems with Cloud PBX software, which is ideal for smaller businesses that do not require an on-premise phone system. We service most brands of phone systems.

We are experts in servicing most brands of analog and digital phone systems including Grandstream (Authorized Reseller), Polycom, Avaya, Snom, Yealink, Cisco, and Mitel.

We have helped many businesses implement these technologies. Contact us today to learn more.