Markets Served

At S-Tech Solutions, we specialize in the design and installation of security cameras, systems, and access control for select markets.  We believe it's important to truly understand our client's business or objectives to be able to design and install systems that will meet their needs.



Neighborhood, Community, Home Owners Association

S-Tech Solutions is a market leader in the greater Houston area of providing communities and home owners associations with security cameras systems to protect property and keep their neighborhoods safe.

Commerical Properties

Commercial property management companies have unique challenges to protect tenets while providing a welcoming atmosphere to visitors.  Our commercial property management solutions include access control, surveillance cameras, and security systems.


S-Tech Solutions provide security solutions for warehouses, terminals, manufacturing facilities, and wherever goods need to be protected.  We offer best-in-class access control and surveillance systems to ensure only authorized personnel can access the most secure areas of your facility.

Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) 

The security of Municipal Utility Districts, or MUDs, is of utmost importance for peace of mind to residents in the district.  Implementing a robust security system helps ensure clean and safe drinking water is being delivered.   S-Tech Solutions is a market leader in security systems for MUDs.

Munipal Utility District Ariel View

We Are Here to Help

At S-Tech Solutions, we specialize in designing & installing security camera systems.  You don’t need to go it alone.  We invite you to schedule a free on-site security assessment.