Warehouse Security

A well-designed warehouse security system can deter theft and ensure employee safety.  Our camera system can keep an eye on the interior and exterior of your facilities, monitor employees, and track the flow of goods through your facility.  By adding cloud-based access control you can limit access to your facilities to only authorized personnel minimizing the likelihood of incidents.

By working with S-tech Solutions, you are working with a Texas Department of Public Safety Licensed security camera installation company that is fully insured.  We are a locally owned company that provides 24x7 emergency support for our clients.

Shipping & Receiving

As the locations where goods enter and exit your facility, the loading dock is a critical area to your operations.  It can also be one of the most active locations of your facility.  Security cameras can keep an eye on the flow of inbound and outbound materials and monitor employees and visitors to ensure all safety procedures are being followed.

The loading dock is also an entry point into your facility.  With Cloud-based access control, you can always know who is in your facility.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom Network Cameras from Hikvision

Warehouse Parking Lot at Twilight

Parking Lots

Parking lots, especially at night, can be hotbeds for vandalism, property theft, and robbery.  Parking lots also add additional liability to property owners in case of crime or accident.  As a facility owner or manager, it is important to keep eyes on these areas at all times and control the flow of traffic in your parking lot if possible.

At S-Tech Solutions, we can design and install a turnkey system to monitor every inch of your parking lot.  We can even install systems where there is no electrical or network within range.

High-Value Storage Areas

For some high-value inventory, it might be necessary to store these items in a special area to provide an additional level of protection.  For these high-value storage areas, we offer access control products that tell you who and when is entering the area.  Coupling this information with a security cameras system can ensure you have complete control over the most valuable items you handle.


Munipal Utility District Ariel View

Warehouse Securtiy Solutions

Munipal Utility District Ariel View

LPR Cameras

IP Camera from HikVision

IP Cameras

Access Control From Brivo

Cloud-Based Access Control

We Are Here to Help

At S-Tech Solutions, we specialize in designing & installing security camera systems.  You don’t need to go it alone.  We invite you to schedule a free on-site security assessment.